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Welcome to

ipswich's newest Cosplay and prop event 

Saturday 17th July and Sunday 18th July 2021 

Trinity Park - ipswich

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Batman/Batman Returns



Back to the future

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Floating Candles

Harry potter

Dead inside doors

the walking dead ft our very own capcon walker! 

Live show and Lightsabre training

Star wars



stranger things

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Cosplay, Props, Competitions,

Live Entertainment, Vendors & More

CAPCON - where the special guest is YOU!


CAPCON - a new era in Cosplay And Prop Convention

Hello everyone and welcome to the CAPCON home page, here you will find out everything you need to know about our upcoming, brand spanking new convention. 

In July 2021, we are opening our doors and welcoming you all to join us for CAPCON,  we have a fantastic line up of things to see and do, on a scale that we hope you can really enjoy! We hope CAPCON will be a truly EPIC occasion that will have you coming back to us again and again, year after year. 

Here at CAPCON HQ, we didn’t want to create just any old comic convention for you - we wanted to try something different, breath a new life in to the same old cons that you have come to see today. 

After careful research, CAPCON’s aim is to focus on You. What you want to see and do, touch and feel. You wanted Photo Ops, we’re bringing you photo ops. You wanted Props - Boy do we have some cool ones, as well as stalls, competitions and live entertainment. However at the centre of all this, the thing that we want to achieve the most - is FUN. To create a magical environment where everyone is welcome to be whoever or whatever they want. 

We have worked hard to source  props that won’t just allow you to take a picture of from behind a barrier, but that you can interact with as much as possible - for your imagination to run wild. 

You, as one of the fastest growing communities in the U.K. - have the power to make this a truly special Comic and Cosplay experience and it’s you that can help us deliver on this. 

So don your Power Rings, Grab your Capes, Get in your Tardis, Pick up your Shields and meet us at the frontline in 2021 for what we hope will be Con of all Cons!

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"We want to focus on what makes a comic con great...and that's you guys! You are the only Special Guest we want."

Adam   Event Organiser

Please Visit our friends, Traders and suppliers

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