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About the first ever CAPCON, oh and us.

2021 saw the launch of the very first Capcon - a new take on the comic cons we all love.

 CAPCON stands for Cosplay and Prop Convention, so our aim is to celebrate the awesomeness of cosplaying in all its amazing shapes and sizes and the truly memorable props that help you jump into you favorite movies, tv shows and games giving you some truly unique experiences that you will remember for ages!

Below you find some information on the awesome group of people that make up Team Capcon.

Event Organiser

Fave Film: John Wick 2

Fave Hero: Batman

Ideal Superpower: MInd Control

Fave Holiday Destination: DIsney

Hobbies include: Dressing as a superhero

#crocs #lovemesomecosplay

Event Organiser

Fave Film: Back to the Future plus too many to mention

Fave Hero: Batman

Ideal Superpower: Invisibility

Fave Holiday Destination: Orlando

Hobbies include: x boxing, model making, cosplaying, event planning, dog walking

#bttf #batmanforever 


Fave Film: Daddy's Home

Fave Hero: Argh..its between Spiderman and Hulk

Ideal Superpower: Warp Manipulation

Fave Holiday Destination: Jamaica

Hobbies include: yoga, falling asleep anywhere and everywhere, designing things, cooking, gaming, sports

#driveby #winning

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Social Media

Fave Film: The Greatest Showman

Fave Hero: Zac Efron

Ideal Superpower: Hugh Jackman

Fave Holiday Destination: USA

Hobbies include: facebooking,instagramming, shopping, wishing i knew britney

#britney #neverenough #thisisme #confused #sayhi #loveaselfie #capcon @capconhq

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