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Cosplay is not consent

Please remember that a lot of our guests will be cosplaying, and most of them will be more than happy to pose for photos, however please make sure you ask before taking any pictures of or with a cosplayer or cosplay group.  Capcon will not tolerate any form of harassment, intimidation, unwelcome physical contact or inappropriate behavior. Anyone found to be ignoring this simple rule to show others respect will be removed from the event. Capcon is a place for ALL of you and your safety is our top priority.  Remember No means NO. You may think all your doing is hugging your fave hero, but you may be making that cosplayer feel very uncomfortable, so please respect each other and get a thumbs up first. 


We encourage everyone to cosplay as your favorite character...and there will be prizes!!

Live Entertainment

Enjoy live entertainment - Level Up Lerory, Live Star Wars show, Wand Training. Q and A's and The Cosfactor

Body Painting

We will have professional body painting artists demonstrating their work using models who will all be wearing underwear and necessary coverings

Easter Egg Hunt

Find all the clues hidden round the event and bag yourself a prize!

Award Stage

The award stage is where we will crown our cosfactor well as some other magical stuff

Traders Outpost

Its like Diagon Alley met a load of Jawas. Definitley time to pick up some precious things.


Had a boo boo? No sweat! make basic repairs in our Cospital. Trust us, there's nothing a bit of tape and a cable tie can't fix....and we are talking from experience. Supplies will be found at our Help Desk.

Guest Wall

Wanna say hi to everyone? Grab a pen and leave a message on our guest book...did I say book, I mean wall

Photo Ops

We have some truly amazing photo ops coming to Capcon, some truly unique ops not seen at any other con!

The CosFactor

Does your Cosplay have that something extra special? This is your chance to take to the stage and show off to our judges!

Changing Area

Wanna go big or go home? We've got you covered by supplying a space for you to get into costume 

Infinity Stones

On both days, 2 sets of Infinity Stones will be hidden around the venue, find them and they are yours!