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Capcon: Part 2

Cosplay is not consent

Please remember that a lot of our guests will be cosplaying, and most of them will be more than happy to pose for photos, however please make sure you ask before taking any pictures of or with a cosplayer or cosplay group.  Capcon will not tolerate any form of harassment, intimidation, unwelcome physical contact or inappropriate behavior. Anyone found to be ignoring this simple rule to show others respect will be removed from the event. Capcon is a place for ALL of you and your safety is our top priority.  Remember No means NO. You may think all your doing is hugging your fave hero, but you may be making that cosplayer feel very uncomfortable, so please respect each other and get a thumbs up first. 


We encourage everyone to cosplay as your favorite character...and remember cosplay is for everyone!


There will be some great food available but you are more than welcome to bring your own

Wand Training

Don't forget to bring your wand and take part in our live wand training with Professor Lockhart

The CosFactor

Young and erm...not so young, rock up in your best cosplay impress our judges and walk away with some fab prizes!

Traders Outpost

Check out our awesome traders, pick up some precious things.

Free T Shirts

Impress Deadpool with your cosplay and bag yourself a t shirt....simples

Photo Ops

We have some truly amazing photo ops coming to Capcon, some truly unique ops not seen at any other con, all with a festive update.

Easter Egg Hunt

Find all the clues hidden round the event, unscramble the riddle and bag yourself some sweets and maybe more...

HIdden Treasure

Find our hidden treasures and they are yours to mighty is that!